This website is intended to be useful to anybody who descends directly or indirectly from the Telles, Tello, Tellez, and the many other conjugated surnames and their variants who are trying to find out about their family past. It is also dedicated to my own ancestors and their descendants.

I have been meaning to update this website for awhile now and finally got around to it. Most of the old pages are still around, but the family tree pages and online memorial pages are all gone. The family tree has been replaced by the Webtrees system. It is the same system used for the Great New Mexico Pedigree Database, and uses the same layout and functions. If you would like to request an account please feel free to do so. Please be advised that by requesting a login ID you agree to:

  1. Hold any information on living individuals in confidence.
  2. DO NOT UPLOAD any photographs posted of an actual person to! I mean this, I will ask to remove it and ban you from viewing the site.
  3. Any photographs of records such as baptismal, marriage, or death records may be uploaded to provided you credit this website. 

To view the main page of my genealogy database please click the link below. 




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